Monday, April 16, 2012

I am excited to announce our tutor.........

Cindy is a Fully Certified Ranger Educator (combined Education program begun in 2008) from Melbourne, Australia. She is a super talented, enthusiastic, creative, inspirational tutor who has taken classes with Tim Holtz, is a professional photographers, doesn't require much sleep and loves to have fun. She has taken classes with Tim Holtz, and is also a professional photographer. If you are planning to attend this event be prepared to be challenged and to get dirty hands at least LOL!!!!

Total cost for the weekend is $285.00 - includes everything including product for classes. 
Bookings open now for those who have pre-registered interest, all remaining places will be advertised after 30 April. The registration form is available here (hopefully the link works!!!)  If you are unable to open the form using the link please email Adrienne at (also available as a Word doc.)  Forms must be printed out and sent in, or completed and emailed back.