Thursday, September 27, 2012

What a weekend!!!!

I, and most if not all the ladies, have never met someone with so much knowledge about mixed media products!!!  Cindy is like a walking encyclopedia, even showing us how to create a beautiful item with plain old Tacky Glue!!!!  We were blown away by all that she taught us, and she couldn't get over how much we wanted to learn - there was no stopping!!!  Cindy gifted us all more than 27 hours of teaching, and that doesn't include the one-to-one and small groups that went on into the early hours - 5.30am!!!

It was a true privelege to spend the weekend with such a humble and talented lady.  Cindy is wonderful person - she has a huge passion for the mixed media/scrapbooking craft and desires to share her knowledge, skill, creativity, and enthusiasm with as many people as she can - she is not a 'well known' name, she does not have a big online presence, but her skills and knowledge match the big names!!!! What a gem!!! Thank you, Cindy :)  If you are ever in Melbourne be sure to check out her store Scrappe Angels.

We will be sharing much of what we learned on the Scrappin' Patch blog via some 'tutorial' posts over the next while.  Meantime please enjoy some pictures from the weekend...
Setting up tables with product kits...

Counting the lollies - five chocolate fish, six orange jelly beans, eight green there are no squabbles about who has the most LOL!!!

 Heidi contemplating the next technique colour combo!!!

 The 'drawing game', courtesy of Cindy :)

Friday night 'Hat Dinner'!!!

 Hard at work with Ferro...

Cindy time with Anna..

Speaks for itself....this was a beautiful red and white tablecloth!!!

An inspiring, challenging, creative weekend with a fun and friendly bunch of girls, and a wonderful tutor and friend.

The snowball almost reached it's target!!!