Sunday, March 18, 2012

What a weekend

Well, I'm back from Glen Tui and it was wonderful. You guys have a wonderful little spot there to get away and have a scrapping retreat! The hosts were amazing, the food stunning and the company so welcoming. Thank you to Adrienne for a GREAT weekend and thank you all for being so welcoming!

So  thought I'd share some photos I have from the weekend....

First off here's some of the little fudge packets I made up for my class participants. I found this idea on Lowri McNabb's blog, and just had to give them a go. They are super easy to use, and fitted just the right amount of fudge in nicely.
I flew down on Friday and the lovely Megan Gourlay picked me up at the airport and took me out to the retreat site. Thanks Megan. Glen Tui. I got started straight away on one of two classes for the day. This one is my first Smash Album class.
We had sewing, and embossing

Painting and inking, masks, cutting, painting, glimmer misting, a whole range of wonderful, fun, messy things to do..

We all got totally messy but came away with big smiles.

I think we're missing a few people here? I LOVED how everyone ran with the eclecticness (is that a word?) of the album. Everyone took my ideas and ran with them in their own way. It was FANTASTIC. I think 'most' people got their albums finished or 'just about' over the weekend and to see them all developing was so exciting!
I also took a LO class during the evening. And we had a lot of fun too. We had a wonderful chat all about what they have been through with the traumatic events of their earthquakes. I made a few feaux pars this weekend, but one of the worst had to be when I stamped my feet on the floor to get the people downstairs to come up to class and half the women in the class thought it was an earthquake. OMG! I'm still cringing. So sorry ladies!!!!! Although it became a great laughing point of the weekend.
The next day Adrienne, Heidi and I went for a wee wander down the 150 steps to this meadow and a river even further down in the valley....

All the way down the path, there were beautiful blackberries growing. I just had to pick some to eat. They were GORGEOUS!

Finally at the bottom we found some cool sheep (nuff said ;) ).

And a gorgeous wee river. There weren't even too many mossies. Bonus!

We did have some great laughs! But I'm being good. What goes on tour stays on tour. Grin.

At the end we had some lovely photos with everyone who was at the retreat....

And a fabulous typical Trina 'yahoo' photo. We had lots of fun yahooing our way through the classes. Grin.

Again, thanks so much to Adrienne for asking me to come along, and to the whole group for making it so much fun. I can't wait to see other photos around the web!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Smash album update

You see these albums are so darn addictive, that even after my post yesterday I kept adding pieces and pages and oh dear!

So if you have them can you please also bring:

Heat gun
Corner rounder

Thanks so much!

I'm hoping I can stop creating to start packing kits now! We will see. Grin.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Smash Album Sneaks

Well, I got my product on Friday and have been working on the smash album ALLLLLLL weekend. It's been so much fun! And finally I'm able to share some sneak peeks....

We're going to be using all sorts of mediums. Paint, ink, mist. Ahhhhh, the fun of those wet mucky hands!

Pockets are a big part of standard smash albums and in our one, it will be no different! We have a ton of cute pockets to enhance the look of our albums.

I got asked if we could use masks, and well, who am I to turn down such a reasonable request? We're using a couple of masks and I hope my ideas will help open the creative mind to different ways of using them.

Tags too. Always a fantastic staple in a smash album. Ready brought, home made. It's all good!

I'm really glad I held out for the new stock. It's so cute! We will be using new papers from Glitz and My Minds Eye. Yummo! Plus a ton of other fun and funky papers and pockets and well, all sorts!

Yes, there is some pink, but there is a ton of other colours too (as you can see). I LOVE that about smash albums, they're so eclectic you can put together any combination of papers and colours and it works.

For me, a smash album just wouldn't feel right without a doily.

Or for that matter a little white tag that I'm known to use. Perfect.

I am so excited about this album. I knew it was going to be fun when Adrienne and I first talked about it, but man, it's so much more fun than I ever thought!!!!

And there are just so many possibilities for how each page can look.

Speaking of which here is what you are going to need to bring to make those gorgeous pages:

Your standard scrapbooking kit
A variety of adhesives (I used a glue gun, double sided tape, glossy accents).
Stapler / staples.
Brown ink (plus any other of your favourite colours - bring your ink stash!).
Your favourite paint/s.
Your favourite glimmmermist colours.

Things to bring IF you have them:
Crop a dile.
Foam Brush/s.
Sewing maching (Adrienne is supplying one, but if you are happy for others to use yours, please let Adrienne know and bring it along).
Baby wipes.
Additional items/scraps you might like to add to your album.

This class contains product/supplies for you to complete 22 pages (thats 44 pages all up) and your covers, the additional paint/glimmermist/ink that I'm recommending you bring are so you can ensure the feel of your album is exactly right.

There are a ton of techniques we're going to be using during the construction of the album, from stamping to masking, making our own pages to making our own pockets, from die cuts to trimmers, from paint to glimmermist. It is chock full of  F . U . N.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

See you there!


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sneak Peeks of Trina's LO class

Hi everyone!

I'm so excited to finally show you sneak peeks of the LO class we'll be making next week.

My class is based on boy photos (but could easily fit girly ones too), there is lots of yellow, blue and brown.

There are a few pretty Prima flowers straight from their new ranges, as well as some beautiful My Minds Eye papers. Seriously GOR . G . OUS!

We are also super lucky to have 2Crafty sponsor the chipboard piece you can see swirling through the above sneak.

You are going to need to bring:

Your standard scrapbooking kit.
Brown ink
A variety of adhesives (I've used double sided tape, glossy accents and a hot glue gun).
A sharp craft knife / pair scissors.
3 small photos (I used 3 3x2" portrait photos). Feel free to bring along other sizes that you can cut down.

Can't wait to see you next week.