Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What's my style?

Maybe you've seen the sneak peeks for my class, but you aren't sure if you want to sign up. Perhaps I can help you decide by posting a few of my layouts. This will give you a sense of my usual style, and the way I like to scrap. I have 2 boys, so many of my pages will suit boy photos (but not exclusively).

I have actually given you pretty good descriptions of the colour palettes and the photo numbers/sizes for my class, as well as the sneak peeks, so keep that information in mind as well ...

I do have a blog (http://blairsboys.wordpress.com). However, I haven't posted any scrapbooking layouts on there lately, so Adrienne asked me to share some photos here. You can always search under the "Scrapbooking" and "Design Team" categories on my blog to find previous scrapbooking-related posts, if you need to.

Hope this helps anyone who may be "sitting on the fence". I'd love to have you in my class! I think there are still a couple of spaces left ... so be in quick!

Hannah xx

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